The Nature Artist specialises in Biophilic design for everyone. Businesses and retail clients. Our mission is to provide everyone with a natural living and working environment, that reconnects with our roots in nature. The Nature Artist was founded in 2021. Before the launch of our company our professionals have had over 6 years of working experience in the industry. We have worked at pet shops, zoo’s and other nature related businesses. Our professionals are licensed in Ethics and Welfare, Animal innovations and Buisiness-level fishkeeping. We always provide advice and service based on expertise and research, The Nature Artist has many industry leading connections we happily utilize for your project. We prioritize the use of the best brands and materials for your project. Our experience in the industry allows us to streamline the selection of products and materials for any budget.

In the past we have worked with a wide range of different animal species. From raccoons and coatis to 8-metre-long pythons. From hornbills to bats. Or even various fish, corals and butterflies. We also have experience with rare and difficult plants such as orchids and other species. The list goes on and on. In other words, anything is possible! Reach out to us now and lets make your dream project into reality!